Flexible Options To Supplement Your Income

In recent years, you’ve probably heard the term “gig economy” tossed around. Or perhaps you’ve heard about having a “side hustle.” Regardless of the term used, great opportunities exist these days to empower yourself and produce supplemental income, income in addition to that which you earn from a regular full time or part time job. What makes these opportunities even more attractive is that many of them can be done on your own time with excellent flexibility.

Best Fields To Work From Home

In 2022, opportunities to work from home are everywhere. Due to advances in technology, working remotely is becoming more and more feasible as employers look to save the cost of physical space and require their employees to telecommute. Where telecommuting used to be uncommon, opportunities are endless for a motivated and determined employee. While it takes an incredibly motivated and determined employee, the best opportunities to work from home are in the following fields. 

Jobs That Offer Free Training

As jobs today seem to require more tech skills, many labor industries are slowly dying out, and finding a good job in today's world can be difficult. While you may have been trained in a field, or even worked in that field for years and years, the onset of technology or a cheaper worker in another country has replaced you.

Global Companies Hiring Remote Workers

As you begin your search for a new job, it is important to ask what type of work environment you’d like to be in and what type of work/life balance you are seeking. A happier employee makes for a more productive employee, and companies realize there is value in allowing some of their workforce to work remotely.

Careers In Technology That Don’t Require A Bachelors Degree

As the price of higher education continues to inflate, the realization is stark – higher education isn’t for everyone. Whether financially out of reach or you’re simply done sitting in the classroom, there are plenty of high paying jobs available for those without a college degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs listed below range from $46,000-$90,000.

Seasonal Employment Opportunities

‘Tis the season. And it’s not just about decorations, and twinkling lights. This season can be about fattening your paycheck if you find the right opportunity. With many companies increasing their workforce for the holiday season, finding a part time or full time job for the holidays can work in your favor. According to a recent Yahoo News report, the retail sector alone is positioned to add more than 500,000 jobs for the holiday season. And that’s just retail. There are hundreds of companies with the need for seasonal employees which don’t end precisely with the holiday. Due to restocking, higher order volume, and returns, or the need to support such business, seasonal work can last well into the new year.

Companies That Allow You To Work From Home

In today’s era of technology more and more companies are hiring remote workers. Additionally, some companies take a more compassionate role in understanding the needs of their employees. A happier employee typically makes for a more productive employee, and companies realize that value in allowing some of their workforce to work remotely. Perhaps you are seeking a better work/life balance, you are attempting to work part time in retirement, or you are raising a family.

Tips To Free Yourself From Debt

Most Americans are currently living with debt as credit has become the norm and a necessity to stay ahead of the bills. Credit cards debt, mortgages, school loans, car payments, and often times emergency expenses like medical and mechanic bills add up quickly. It doesn't take long to find yourself owing far more money that you can pay.

Do You Have Unclaimed Money?

Did you know that there’s a ton of money and property that goes unclaimed in the United States? The answer is YES! Over 40 billion dollars of unclaimed money and property. That’s right. Forty Billion…with a “B.”

Have You Considered Grants Or Benefits?

There are many options available to you if you are seeking some sort of assistance. Whether you’re looking to go back to school, start a business, or you need financial help with housing or paying your bills, government grants, benefits, and programs may be available to you to help in some form. Many people are unaware of the programs that may be available to them, but no matter what type of assistance you’re seeking, there could be a program dedicated to your needs.