Careers In Technology That Don’t Require A Bachelors Degree

December 15, 2022

As the price of higher education continues to inflate, the realization is stark – higher education isn’t for everyone. Whether financially out of reach or you’re simply done sitting in the classroom, there are plenty of high paying jobs available for those without a college degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs listed below range from $46,000-$90,000.


If you’re interested in controlling how a website appears, the technicalities of it, and producing content, web development work might be up your alley. While the job may be learned through a certification process, often times you can learn on the job as well. Responsibilities include monitoring and controlling website traffic, speed, capacity and performance.


To get a job as a computer systems analyst, you will have to have a good understanding of the operation of computer systems. Obtaining the job requires accurately understanding the operation of computer systems. Computer Systems Analysts improve operations by studying their computer technologies and designing information systems solutions for organizations.


Computer programmers write and test computer code. When the job applicant is skilled, employers will usually hire them without a degree. These types of opportunities are becoming more abundant as coding and programming are now taught from an early age in schools.


Animators produce animation for various media including but not limited to movies, video games, and websites. Interested candidates are typically very curious about how media is made – and they want to improve on best practices. Often times, they usually only need a portfolio to be hired.


Is it hard to put down your smart phone because you are constantly thinking about how to improve the apps you use on a daily basis? As our lives become even more entwined with our mobile devices, apps need to be easy to you and must stand out. A mobile app developer's job involves debugging, coding and testing applications.


Advertising on social media has become a requirement for companies looking to get the word out about their products. Are you fluent in social media strategy and email? Digital marketers help companies reach customers by targeting social media, content, e-mail, and search engine optimization. Often times these skills come out of blogging, coding, or programming, these skills can be self-taught but sometimes a degree is preferred. A similar position, graphic designers often partner with digital marketers to design flyers, pamphlets, social media graphics, and logos. An easy job to work from home, this can increasingly be done on the computer with the right apps.


A computer support specialists help people utilize computer software to help with computer issues. While working freelance or in the corporate world, an ability to solve problems and create work arounds when people are often at their most vulnerable when their devices are not functioning is a high paying field.


IT Managers write and direct rules of a company’s computers including data and network access. Are you detail oriented, organized and tech savvy? As companies continue to grow quickly and steadily and rely on more heavily on technology, including telecommuting, the monitoring of IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly important.