Jobs That Offer Free Training

December 15, 2022

As jobs today seem to require more tech skills, many labor industries are slowly dying out, and finding a good job in today's world can be difficult. While you may have been trained in a field, or even worked in that field for years and years, the onset of technology or a cheaper worker in another country has replaced you.

Industries are desperate for good employees and most will gladly train new candidates. While not all employers will provide free instruction, many do and many others will provide training at a discounted costs. If you're considering a career change and are in the market for an in-demand skill that will get you working quickly, these are some opportunities want to consider.


An apprenticeship allows you to earn while you learn. Programs are often highly competitive and many are located in the major industry areas including Indiana, Iowa, Virginia, Missouri, Connecticut, and Washington. From a hiring standpoint, apprentices are hired to work with a specific company and learn the tools of the trade that will make the employee successful when working with that company. Apprenticeships are wonderful because they allow management to train their employees with the skills they want their employees to have. Successful completion of an apprenticeship program usually results in guaranteed work with good pay and benefits.

Apprenticeships are often found in electrical work, green energy, telecommunications, plumbing, carpentry, and healthcare. When looking for these types of opportunities, you can search using job sites like MyNextMove, Glassdoor, Electrical Training Alliance, and JTL Training. It is important to monitor deadlines as apprenticeship cohorts often only begin one or twice a year.