Seasonal Employment Opportunities

December 15, 2022

‘Tis the season. And it’s not just about decorations, and twinkling lights. This season can be about fattening your paycheck if you find the right opportunity. With many companies increasing their workforce for the holiday season, finding a part time or full time job for the holidays can work in your favor. According to a recent Yahoo News report, the retail sector alone is positioned to add more than 500,000 jobs for the holiday season. And that’s just retail. There are hundreds of companies with the need for seasonal employees which don’t end precisely with the holiday. Due to restocking, higher order volume, and returns, or the need to support such business, seasonal work can last well into the new year.


Even though the holiday season is driven a lot by the retail sector, the need for workers to support that still exists. For example, remote customer service or order takers may exist. Retail sales are seeing a shift from brick and mortar stores that you can visit to online sales, but there’s still a need for customer assistance or order support even if an employee is not working within a physical store.


Major companies such as Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Target and Walmart are hiring for seasonal workers within their physical stores. By no means are just a few workers being hired, either. Between three of the major corporations just named, they plan to hire over 200,000 seasonal employees according to recent news reports. Consult the customer service desk of your town’s major retailer and find out if they are hiring. Another opportunity would be to check the corporation’s site to see if they are hiring in-store help for the holidays. Even if you don’t have a major chain in your area, mom and pop stores need seasonal help, too.


Companies such as UPS and FedEx typically see booming business during the holidays thanks to the popularity of online ordering. If you place an order online, someone needs to deliver it. Do you have experience as a driver? If you’re not using it currently, and you’re employed in a different position, you can leverage that experience into some extra cash this holiday season. If you do not possess driver experience, you can apply to become a seasonal worker with some of the large shipping companies for positions like driver helper, or package handler. The shipping companies plan to employ nearly 150,000 full time and part time workers during the holiday season. Furthermore, shipping company jobs have historically had a strong track record of hiring workers for permanent employment after the holiday season ends.


The boom of online shopping has resulted in the need for warehouse and service centers outside of populated areas. Rather than paying for fuel and trucking costs major corporations such as Walmart and Amazon have opted to build warehouses and service centers. This translates to more employment opportunities for workers in remote areas, especially during the holidays. The shipping companies and online retailers see an influx of orders during the holidays, and someone has to fulfill them. Seasonal jobs may be readily available at warehouses and service centers near you.


The holiday season approaches quickly, and many employers start seeking employment in late fall. But no matter the time of the holiday season, do not hesitate to seek seasonal employment opportunities. Whether you have a full time or part time job you love, the opportunity is now to earn extra money with a seasonal job. Perhaps that seasonal job will lead to a position or career with earning potential that you enjoy.